Walt 2

As a therapist and an artist with a wry sense of humor and a love of color, I help others find meaning in their lives. I have created my blog to seek out others who would engage in a conversation about the journey we take when we search for meaning in our lives. I find personal expression through art and the use of color to tap into emotions. Through this medium I have been able to help others in their journey of self-discovery and meaning. With my blog I will endeavor to engage you in this conversation with humor, acceptance and a sense of companionship along the way.

As for a bit about me…

I hold  two Masters degrees in counseling looking at different aspects of the counseling profession. The first degree focuses on Systems Theory and interventions surrounding the family, the second on multiculturalism and expressive therapy. I hold a Doctorate in Educational Management and I have worked in educational settings as both a counselor and a director. I am currently a licensed professional counselor in Oregon.

For the past five years I have helped those suffering from severe and persistent mental illness including schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar mood disorders. I have also provided group counseling for people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, trauma, and abuse. In my work, people who identify with colors are later able to recognize their emotional states through the expression of color.

Real change occurs when we discover our own potential. Being a part of someone’s journey to wellness through self-discovery and the recognition of their own meaning is the most rewarding part of my work.

I can be reached at: abrushwithinsight@gmail.com.