Last night I painted this image that looks to me like an inner city scene, filled with discordant shapes and colors. In a word, clutter. But what would happen if the “clutter” were removed?  How does one decide what is the “noise” and what is the image? There are times I think the background is the picture, and at other times I strive to remove the things that seem to make life “noisy.”  I guess the bigger question for me is what was really accomplished in trying to sort all of this out? Must it be sorted out, or is life okay to be a bit out of place, and perhaps at times discordant?

The dynamic tension is a part of my experience when I am providing therapy for those suffering from schizophrenia. Their world is filled with discordant shapes and colors, thoughts and emotions.  There have been brilliant people who have offered us theories to help us navigate the regulation of thoughts and emotions, and the dominance of each aspect at different moments in one’s life.  I am not going to promote one idea over another; I am only pointing to the idea that others have navigated these waters before. That in itself offers me encouragement. If gifted people have provided different approaches to looking at things, and each has found it helpful ,  then I am inclined to be satisfied with a little clutter myself.

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  1. I found your comments in ‘Sorting’very interesting. It reminds me very much of my city when it was devastated by earthquakes 4 years ago. The central city lost most of it’s famous landmarks and when one was trying to drive or walk anywhere it was impossible to know where you were. I think people need a certain amount of clutter in their lives just to keep our lives normal.

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